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Out of This World #2


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After being captured by Secca Ma, Max and the gang have to find a way to break out of the compound where they are being held. Meanwhile, Tiglos is questioned by Secca Ma and we find out that they used to be good friends. Until Secca Ma began bullying Tiglos that is. Along with Tiglos, the reader will learn new techniques to cope with bullying through activity and discussion.

Learning Objective: Bullying

Activities Include: Decoded Questions, Coloring Page, Maze, Word Find Puzzle, Similarity Activity, and Writing Activities.

    • Grades:  3-12
    • Size: 8×10
    • Full Color!
    • Pages: 36
    • 8 activity pages!

Written by Jon Filitti. Art by Eric Erbes.

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This issue is part of the Original ‘Out of This World’ comic book series!

The first four issues of The Out of This World series published through Youthlight were designed for children and families who are overcoming issues such as anger management, concentration, motivation and effectively coping with bullying.

This series started as a four issue entertainment/education story. It was written and created by me and penciled, inked and colored by Eric Erbes. The first four issue mini series was published by Youthlight.

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