New ‘Out of This World’ comic books arrive!

I’ve always wanted to tell the story of how Max ended up being in an entirely different universe with characters like Tiglos, X-35 and Marcania. It was part of the story we just didn’t have “room” to tell in the first four books. But over the last couple of years, with the assistance of Steve Ott (art), I was finally able to get back to Max and show how he ends up, literally, out of this world.

From day one I’ve seen Max’s story as a big “what would happen if you took a 13 year old kid and threw him into a Star War’s-esque universe and all he wanted to do was get home” story. He isn’t interested in becoming a hero. He’s not interested in helping the “good guys”. He just wants to survive and eventually find his way home.

“Out of This World: Book One” is that story.

The experience of creating an independent comic book from scratch has been a rewarding experience. Many hours of writing, many hours of lettering and many hours of joyful delight looking at new pages coming in from Steve (who also put many hours in) have been well worth it. And at the end, being able to see a pile of your own books, your own creation, sitting before you on the same desk you put all those hours in at, is pretty cool.

So to make a long story longer, I’m excited to be able to share this book with you.

There are a couple of ways you can read this story. I wanted to make the book available on the iPad and other tablet devices. Since there is no shipping and no printing associated with an eBook I pass those savings on to you. A mere $2.99 for an over 200 page book!  I love digital distribution. To meet the needs of the majority of devices, I have both an ePub and .CBR format available.

For those of you who want the more traditional reading experience, I do offer a trade paperback version.  You can purchase the TPB on or you can get an autographed copy right from this site!

Please send me any thoughts, idea, suggestions you may have. I love hearing from people who have read the books and have enjoyed the experience!


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